Friday, August 26, 2011

Challenge #1 Junk Drawers

So, I started my organization challenge a couple days ago, yay! I have already completed several projects but ran out of batteries for my camera {tisk tisk} so i am just able to show off my work!!

The first of the challenges was junk drawers. I happen to have 2 in my kitchen so here goes..The before...

Im surprised I could close this baby

After dumping the entire drawer out onto the counter I started sorting..trash, keep here, relocate...Add some pretty paper liner...

And organize the returning contents..I used these clear organizers so I could see my pretty paper and continue to keep it clutter free...This drawer is used to house batteries, pens, resteraunt sauces, and out the door items {hand sanitizer, ponies, car fresh, etc}

My second drawer wasnt nearly as cluttered, but had all of our manuals to our appliances and what not, plus take out menus, and other papers {forgot to take a before pic in all my organizing furry}

This drawer is now home for those same manuals, take out menus, and bills, they are just inside and super cute accordion organizer along with my family handbook,coupon caddys, label maker, stapler, and room for more..

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Andrea said...

I had two junk drawers.. But when we moved we didn't have enough drawers to have even one junk drawer.. I secretly love junk drawers LOL my Grandma has the best hahahaha