Friday, August 26, 2011

Frugal Fashion Friday

Isabelle and I went shopping today..whoop whoop. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and busting out of all of my regular person clothes in the tummy region. Isabelle has also somehow grown out of most of the clothes I bought her at the start of summer and since it is summer in Florida 75 percent of the time, summer clearance sales had our names all over them!

We started at Old Navy where I was certain i was going to find some cute maternity clothes...apparently they don't carry them in the store anymore only online :(  I was able to find one top for myself and of course 2 dresses for Isabelle...

Org. price 22.94....Sale 15.50

Org. price 16.94...Sale 8.00 each
Some what bummed, we stopped into Kohls where I was sure there would be nothing....I was wrong!

My maternity haul...shorts org. price 40.00...Sale price 8.00
This is the first outfit I have purchased for my little Jude..of course it says I love mommy ;)

Org. price 17.00.....Sale 5.10

Tops org. price 14.00 each...Sale 4.80 each
Shorts org. price 14.00...Sale 2.80 each

Org. price 14.00...Sale 4.20

Top org. price 14.00...Sale 4.20
Skirt org. price 24.00...Sale 4.80
 Isabelle has been really into horses these days and was super stoked when she found these jammies..

Set of pants, shirt, shorts org. price 34.00....Sale 10.20

Org. price 36.00....Sale 7.20

Org. price 36.00....Sale 21.60

Org. price 36.00....Sale 7.20

Org. price 36.00....Sale 7.20

Org. price 46.00....Sale 4.60
All and all I spent around 120 dollars and got about 300 dollars worth of clothes...Now thats a frugal fashion friday :)

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Andrea said...

CUTE clothes!!!! Love them!