Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday Not So Funday

About twice a year, there is a Kids Expo at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

There are tons of people there! They have lots of giveaways to enter into, live characters to meet, bounce houses, cotton candy, and a lot more! We went to the last one they had and Isabelle LOVED it
so when I found out it was going on again this weekend, I knew we had to go.

This time Isabelle was excited to meet Strawberry Shortcake, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and The Bernstein Bears who she missed last time.

We got in the car right after lunch and headed that way...Bad idea. If you know Isabelle well, you know that sleeping in the car is her favorite thing to do. I literally cant make it to Wal-Mart without her falling asleep and the fairgrounds are about 20 minutes away so she never stood a chance. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot she woke up and informed us she had a bad dream..about Sponge Bob...who was there.

She clung to her daddy most of the time we were there but did get down to do one thing and one thing only..

Isabelle loves a good doll house and bad mood or not she was going to elbow her way in and play..I dont like crowds so much and this was a very tight area so I hung out with a friend in the corner..

They gave us a catalog, which made Isabelle's day of course since she is a magazine freak, and now she of course wants said doll house..

Which costs 133.00 without any accessories, although Isabelle insists it only cost a dollar.To be a kid again..Kids Expo was a bust for us this time around but hey, everyday cant be perfect right? 

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