Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gearing Up

I have been gearing up for several organizing projects around the house. Before I could get started we had a few things to take care of first!

Our good friend Jodi came over on Sunday so we whipped up some chicken quesadillas, and chips and salsa before getting some serious sun..

Jodi brought Isabelle a lollipop 

Monday was spent doing some chores, clipping some coupons, and making my list for the big trip to the store for organizing supplies...

With list and coupons in hand, Isabelle and I set out to find all our goods. We pretty much cleaned out the dollar tree and then rounded out the rest with some finds from Target..

My shopping buddy
3 metal tubs, 8 plastic crates, 6 buckets, 7 plastic shoe boxes, shelf liner, a tie rack, 2 coupon dividers, jewelry organizer, 6 baskets, 2 drawer organizers and a label maker later, I think we are in business....

Project 1 starts tomorrow...I know you will be holding your breath :)

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