Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Boy!!

The Sweets kicked off the weekend with some awesome news...

We will be welcoming a little boy into the family. Since the day we told Isabelle she would be getting a sibling, she has been more than adamant that the baby was a brother and she wanted to hear no talk about a baby sister. She likes to hug him and take his picture..

Isabelles picture of her baby brother
Isabelle also decided to take some pictures of us..

We have had a lot of rain the past week so we had to squeeze in what we could, when we could.We had a big breakfast all together on Sautrday morning and then spent the afternoon grocery shopping and catching up around the house. Sunday morning came early and man was it hot! 

early morning shot 

Luke had to jump my car
After Luke got the car up and going we took Isabelle to the park..

Like I said before, it was very hot so we weren't there long before we all decided our time would be much better spent home in the pool..

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