Wednesday, August 17, 2011

organizing challenges

I love writing my blog, but I have also come to really enjoy reading other peoples blogs. I have lost countless hours lately pouring over the lives of strangers and learning how they manage their families. With August winding down and January closer than I'd like, I have to get to going through, throwing out, and organizing the contents of our condo to make room for a 4th persons stuff..and babies have A LOT of stuff. This looming task has lead me to several organizing blogs that are amazing!! "Iheart organizing" and "A bowl full of lemons" are two that I find myself returning to over and over ( you should check it out) for inspiration to get off my butt and get busy!! So, I have been doing just that, starting with the overwhelming task of organizing and finding a space for, all of Isabelle's art supplies. Since Isabelle isnt in a preschool at the moment, we do A TON of art and craft projects. I was getting tired of using the dining room as a landing zone for Iz and her work and the hall linen closet as the space to hold all the supplies ( not to mention, hello where do I put my linens) so I pulled it all out, sorted it, and found it all a new home and this is my progress so far...

This little spot next to the fridge in the kitchen is a waste of space so I thought it would be just right for a new art center. This will keep all art, craft, and messy projects in one place and can keep Isabelle busy while Im in the kitchen, which every mother knows is all day :)

We used the desk for all things coloring..paper, crayons, colored pencils, markers, and coloring books.  ( On a bit of a side note, my great grandfather made this desk out of orange crates)

We used the large rolling drawers for art kits, playdough and accessories, and puzzles on the top and in the bottom drawer.

The smaller drawers house all of the small things like glue sticks, tape, scissors, in the top...note pads and stickers in the 2nd drawer..shells, rocks, foam pieces and googly eyes next and the bottom is reserved solely for all of our paints!

I am relieved to finally have this all in one place and one task checked off my list. I would like to add maybe a little bulletin board for her work or something on the wall there for her..Ideas??

Lastly, the blog I refereed to before " A bowl full of lemons" has a weekly organizing challenge which I have joined! I will get started on it next week and will be sure to keep you all "posted"! If you are interested in joining, then click the BFOL button on my page


Andrea said...

I love the little art corner!! To Cute! I'm headed over to check out BFOL blog :)

Erica said...

I love that new little space! How fun :) I love organizing too. Thanks for the new blog following ideas.

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

love your cute lil blog! did'nt know you were expecting! congrats love the name, too. Jude has always been on our list too just haven't been lucky enough to have a boy! ha :) totally makes me miss fla!