Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Challenge #4 Accessories

Everyone knows that accessories are the icing on the top of your outfit cake. For women, shoes, belts, handbags, and of course jewelry are the stars of the show. Men don't have a ton of options except when it comes to ties! My husband is required to dress in a shirt and tie everyday so his tie collection is quickly rivaling my jewelry one. A few months ago I put a hook into the closet to hang all the ties on...  

This was working..for a while..Now more often than not this is what ends up happening...

So, new solution..

I bought this nice tie rack from Target for under ten dollars..

Now they all have their own non-slip hook and plenty of open ones for new ties to come!

Now over to my problems... jewelry

As you can see I have been housing my precious jewelry in several different make up bags, boxes, and purses. As you can imagine this makes it pretty difficult and time consuming to locate and untangle when getting ready.

I untangled and sorted through it all, laying it out onto the bed into categories..

I then utilized yet another organizer purchased for cheap at Target..

Everything slide perfectly into the little pockets {45 total} and since they are on both front and back, I have a few left open in case I acquire some new jewelry {hint hint hubby}

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