Monday, August 8, 2011

Holiday World

As a product of Southern Indiana, Holiday World has been an old standby for family fun for just about everyone I know. I love getting to relive my favorite childhood activities through my daughter. We took her to Holiday World last year, but it was terribly hot and she wasn't quite ready to tackle any rides so this year my mother, Tia (my brothers gf), and I gave it another go and it was a success! 

Ready for a day of fun in the sun

We checked out all the rides online and found the ones that were age appropriate for Isabelle so we had no troubles knowing where to go as soon as we hit the gates.

Our first stop was in the Christmas area and Reindeer Games..

I think we rode about 4 different types of animals around in a circle...

Isabelle and her Tia on the flying eagles

Waiting in line
No trip to Holiday World is complete without a ride on the old fashion cars..

Big driver

Next we headed to the Hollidog area to cool off and have a snack...well we snacked and she cooled off :)

We hit up a few more rides, went to Splash and Safari, and then looked around the shops where Isabelle had to find herself something..

Scared of the camera "man"

Isabelle and her new build an animal friend..Collin

We had such a great time. We left hot, tired, full of fatty foods and excited to come back next year :)

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