Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday!

        Today was a super special day in the Sweet house...Luke's birthday! Luke has worked very hard to make it into pharmacy school and works harder everyday in his studies so Isabelle and I wanted to make sure he had a super fun birthday!

We hung out and had a little family time before Daddy left for school today including watching his favorite pricing game...The Price is Right..We love Drew!

After Daddy had headed off for school it was time for Isabelle and I to kick into party mode..but not before we had lunch! Isabelle is always such a big helper and today was no exception.

We made one of our all time favorite ( and a childhood classic for mommy) grilled cheese and tomato soup!

After lunch Mommy needed some time to "put her face on" so Isabelle needed something to pass the time. She informed me that her Polly Pockets and Disney Princesses were hot and needed a we made a pool!

With Mommy ready to be seen in public we headed off to do a little shopping to pick up some last minute supplies for Daddys surprise bday party!

After much thought over which theme to choose, Isabelle decided Daddy would like a Pirate party best..arrggggh!

So we blew up balloons, decorated the ice cream cake with gold coins, hung a "bootyful" birthday banner and even....

Wore some awesome Pirate costumes!

Daddy was sooo surprised when he came home!

Make a wish and blow out your candles!!

Luke and I have always loved movies. Buying them, renting them, but mostly going to the theater! We recently took Isabelle to the movies for the first time and she enjoyed it as much as we do so Luke decided for his birthday he would take his girls to show! We got all cleaned up and headed off to the Cityplace Muvico.

Isabelle's new shoes that I wish I could wear!

Isabelle posing while waiting on the popcorn and soda!

The Cityplace Muvico is an awesome theater! The ceilings are hand painted  like the Sistine chapel and there are beautiful rugs and chandeliers everywhere. One this trip we found the arcade and childrens playroom

We went to see Rango and it was very cute. When we first got into the theater we were the only ones in there!! We thought we were going to have a special showing just for Daddys birthday! Unfortunately, a couple people showed up but we were still only 3 out of 6 people. Gotta love movies on a weeknight!

We can never leave Cityplace without Isabelle making a wish in the fountain!! Since it was Daddys birthday, we thought he might be extra lucky so he made a wish too

Closing your eyes makes it really count!

After the movie was over and we had all eaten our share of candy and popcorn it was time to head home. On the way home Isabelle shouted her two favorite words in life...I'm hungry. Now, Isabelle also has a new trick she has been using lately. She knows that McDonalds has "littlest pet shop" toys in there happy meals at the moment. She has been pretending to be hungry and asking to go to McD's, getting the toy, then not eating at all! So, here we are at 9:30 ( which is 1 1/2 hours past bedtime) and she says she is hungry. We cave in and get her the happy meal but she must eat all the food before she can have the toy. She comes in the door and wants to eat in her room so she can watch her movie. She asked for some juice and I left the room to get it for her and when I returned she had already climbed into bed and went to sleep. Needless to say we have yet another uneaten happy meal and Isabelle has another toy for her collection :)

Happy Birthday Daddy

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