Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 Day Round Up

I know, I know..I haven't blogged since Tuesday! At first I didn't think anyone would notice, but after several comments from the peanut gallery out there I figured I should hop to it and recap the last 3 days before the crazy weekend kicks it into high gear!

Wed was not the best day for us. Isabelle was in a strange mood and didn't sleep the night before so sleep most of the day. This was nice in some ways, but we never like to have a bad day :(  I took advantage of all the quiet time by sorting through everyones clothes and getting rid of some things and organizing our clothes for summer. 

We needed to make a trip to the store and Isabelle has really been wanting a new Zhu Zhu pet..

Isabelle's first Zhu Zhu "nugget" who had an unfortunate bath tub accident and can no longer walk
The next morning was much better and we started off the day as usual..Luke studying and Isabelle wanting to help.

We all went off about our days..Luke to school and Isabelle and I to the park! We made a quick stop outside to say hello to Isabelle's lizard " Dewey"

Isabelle brought along both Nugget and her new Zhu Zhu Shamrock in her Zhu Zhu house to play with her friends at the park!

We played for a couple hours and then headed home just in time to meet up with Daddy! We had some dinner and then went out to play out the rest of the daylight

Playing Frisbee with Daddy

He throws it and she chases it!

My new polish

Oops, over the wall
Friday morning had us up early again and first thing on Isabelles mind was a wrestling match with Daddy.

Luke was off to school as usual  and Isabelle had an early lunch while I got a few things done around the house.

We cleaned ourselves up and headed out! We went down to Cityplace for some fun mother daughter time!! Isabelle had to bring her babies with her of course( theres more about them coming later in Saturdays blog)

Dora is in the baby sling and Diego is in the car seat

Our first order of business was SHOPPING!! We jumped into Gymboree first where we super excited to find out they were having a sale! We also had 25 dollars worth of Gymboree Bucks so we found some awesome deals :)

Second order of business and possibly the most important..Ice cream! Of course when you are at Cityplace you have to go to Sloans

Isabelle got a yummy pink concoction full of cereal marshmallows, rice crispy treat chunks, and baby mm's. As for me, I had some mint chocolate chunk 

 We tossed a couple coins in the fountain, made a few wishes, then headed off to Francesca's Boutique where we did a little Mommy shopping :)

Isabelle was so patient in a store full of things a 3 year wants to touch, but cant so we decided there was one more stop we needed to make..

Where are my babies?
Isabelle had a great time running around looking at all the books and even stopped to read a story to Mommy..." If you give a mouse a cookie"....She somehow new all about this story even though we dont have it and I have never read it..Mamaw? Auntie Rhi? GG? She ran right over to it and picked it off the shelf.

We ended up with an awesome My Little Pony book of puzzles and The Story of Easter, to get ready for next weekend! We headed home and pulled into the drive at the same time as daddy! We headed inside where Isabelle modeled one of her new outfits for us!

Ok! Thats it..most of it anyway..We have a big day today ( Saturday) so I will be sure to catch you up later. Love to all we know and those we dont too, why not :)


Erica said...

OMG What is the name of your nail polish! That is totally RAD!!!

The Sweet Family said...

Thanks! It is good ole 99 cent, Walmart, Wet N Wild! Its called Wild Shine in the shade called Sparked. I used 2 coats of it and then put top coat over and it still hasn't chipped!