Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pancake Sunday, Pool time and Pizza

The Sweets were early risers again today. Isabelle has been ready to party at about 615 both days this weekend :(    oh well, we will sleep when were dead right? Isabelle and Luke both LOVE pancakes so we have a little tradition around the Sweet house called "Pancake Sunday". I make a huge stack of pancakes ( along with all the other bfast favs. eggs, bacon, etc) and we all sit together at the table and have our breakfast on Moms good china.

Pancake Sunday

Luke had lots of studying to do so he was off to the bedroom to put his head in his notes for the day. Isabelle spent the morning watching cartoons, painting, and working on her letters while mom cleaned up the breakfast mess and made some fun Easter cookies

Working so hard

We all sampled the cookies just in time for the arrival our our family friend Jodi! Isabelle is always so excited to see "her" Jodi and have someone new to play with and I am happy to have someone besides a 3 year old to talk to! We made some adults only frozen drinks, threw on our suits, and headed to the pool!

Frozen Blue Hurricanes

She loves to float on her back now

Isabelle and "her" Jodi
After we had our fill of splashing and tanning we headed to the house. We were all super hungry so we picked up some Little Caesars and headed out on the lanai. After we were insanely stuffed, Isabelle and Jodi had fun playing " Catch the fish"

The sun was just starting to set so we thought we would walk off some of that dinner on the golf course and feed the ducks.

Isabelle, the brave duck mommy, as she named herself..let the duck eat right out of her hand!

After our bread bag was empty we headed back home, but not before rolling down a couple hills!

It had started to get dark so we made our way inside. Although Isabelle wanted Jodi to have a sleep over, she had to head home and Isabelle needed to head to bed. We had another great weekend and Im sure we will find more fun this week. Now to kick back, relax, and start " The Stand" with the Hubby...Sleep tight :) 

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