Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hello hello! Today is Friday..can I get a whoo hoo? Thanks. We started our Friday morning off like all of the others until..knock knock...the mailman came with a package for Isabelle!

Now we have been expecting this package for a couple weeks. Isabelle was very interested in an LTD magazine in which she found a few things that she just had to have. Lucky for her Jany Jany aka Jan Barnes, my moms bff, was in town and ordered her dream items asap and we have been waiting on pins and needles ever since.

We thought we were getting just the doll house but were extra excited to find the dolls there too! These are peel and stick wall decals and are such a cool idea

Isabelle spent all morning decorating and re-decorating her new doll house while mom had a little time on the computer and of course caught up on a few shows from my Hulu que. Then it was time to take care of some business for me..

Phone calls and paper work

Making lunch

Check out the new LTD
Meanwhile, Isabelle had decided it was time to get out the dolls. She put them all together herself except one...Can you guess which is mine?

Having such a blast

My girl is the one is the jazzy zebra dress and hot pink boa :)
After we ate our lunch, which let me stop there for a second, was not very good. I made a new pasta bake from Red Baron and it was yuck city...but anyway..we sorta ate lunch and then Isabelle went to her room to take a little rest. Then she had to go potty and I found her like this...

                      Someone needed to borrow their baby dolls binky

Per usual a nap wasn't going to happen so we said...Oh well, lets go to the pool!

Trying out our new goggles

It just so happed my toe nail polish matched my dress exactly

Isabelle found a little friend at the pool today and had fun sharing the girls volleyball, jumping in over and over, and trying to dive to the bottom

After all that swimming and a cruddy lunch, we were hunngrry, so while we dried off, daddy made a quick run to grab some dinner. We all ate and Isabelle watched the newest edition to our Netflix watch instantly, Toy Story 3! Glad we didnt buy it :)  I then took this chance to make a quick trip to Target to grab a few essentials and an Easter basket for Isabelle since we are going on an Easter egg hunt in the morning ( Look for all that fun tomorrow). I also grabbed some paint while I was there. Up until today we have always used water colors and those are getting boring so we thought we would step up our painting game with some real paint. Of course Isabelle simply could NOT wait until morning to try them out so we both painted a picture of something we love most..

During our painting time Isabelle was telling me all kinds of tales about her "school" and her "dog". Her painting ( something you love) was her "kitty" at first until she saw my picture ( a day a the beach with my family) and changed her mind


Beth said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I love a good blog, especially one featuring people I sort of know and a supercute kid! I will try to remember to add you to my blog roll this weekend. I wonder if my son will play with those cool vinyl things - we already have that same doll with the binky! Have a great weekend!

Erica said...

Sounds like a fun day! I loooove LTD too!