Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday and taking it easy..Sort of

Today was a pretty ordinary day. Since Isabelle was up late last night and crashed out in her clothes, we thought maybe she would sleep in for us this morning...Not

She was up with the sun as usual and ready to play pirates with daddy

After spending as much time in bed as possible we all got out and off to our  respective activities for the day. Luke was off to school and Iz and I made breakfast. Eggs, toast, and T-rex aka bacon. Then Mommy wanted a little time to watch Parenthood which by the way is suuuucccchhh a good show. I seriously cried my eyes out, as usual. Isabelle had a much "lighter" morning making Easter crafts in the playroom.

Just like daddy..eyes glued to the TV

Bed head!

After I had dried my eyes from my emotional date with Parenthood and Isabelle had her window decorations drying, it was time to get busy. I have been trying to follow the Flylady lifestyle and today was clean your appliances day, so I went ahead and bleached my cabinets and counter tops too! Isabelle helped out by cleaning the windows :) but quickly became bored so it was time for a play dough creation.

After all that cleaning and crafting we were in serious need of a nap..Isabelle had other plans of course so she watched cartoons quietly for a while, played with her pet shops in the "sink pool", and worked all her puzzles. Isabelle had a bit of a rough "imaginary" day. Isabelle has a best friend that some of you may know. For those of you who dont, let me introduce you to Jarit! Jarit is Isabelle's best-est friend in the world. He is three years old and has red hair. He is also imaginary. Now, Jarit has been around for a while and I am used to their shenanigans but recently Isabelle has acquired some "pets" . She has a dog named " jaw-gee" and the newest of the bunch is her bird whose name has no possible spelling as it is just sounds jumbled together. So, Isabelle tells me today that Jarit left and is never coming back :(   I said, well surely if you ask nicely Jarit will come back again someday. She runs straight to the window and yells, Jarrrriiitttt, cooomeeee bacccckkkkk!! Then turns to me and says...he is not coming back :(      

Lets lighten the mood a little and go outside ( more on the bird later)

chasing bubbles

number jump game

sneezing while jumping rope takes talent!


Shooting the bad guy aka Daddy

One of the things I miss about Indiana is the all the types of trees we have...We do have some cool trees in our "yard" though :) When you stand under the bamboo trees you can hear them creaking

Now, back to the bird. This "bird" that Isabelle had got "loose" one day and flew out the window. Isabelle was very worried and spent too long looking out the window for him so I did what every good mother does, told her he would come back someday and then diverted her attention with and ice pop. I thought I was in the clear until today...

Isabelle saw a bird while chasing bubbles that she thought was "her bird"..she chased him around the tree until he jetted off to the top of the condo where Isabelle kept a close eye on him. She talks about him in her video later on.

So more bubbles it is!

Mommy always gets the short end of the stick :)

broke the lawn chair

Isabelle then entertained us with her awesome forward rolls!

After all the cleaning, crafting, fake friend losing, parenthood crying,bubble blowing, and chalk drawing I was too tired to go through much trouble for dinner tonight so I went to one of my favorite quick fixes..

Isabelle went straight to bed tonight with a little help from Barney and the Fire house and the hubs and I are going to watch a movie...Fun Friday tomorrow...stay tuned


Erica said...

Brandy you look amazing! You guys are such a cute family! I didn't know you lived in Florida, Sooooo jealous! And I love that you have a blog :)

The Sweet Family said...

Thank you! We moved down here 2 years ago for Luke to go to pharmacy school, so we will be here 2 more years then have plans to move back to Indiana so I am trying to squeeze all I can into these few years haha.

Adventures of an Army Wife and SAHM said...

So, you have inspired me to look into this Flylady Lifestyle. I'm about to go shine my sink. :-)

Thanks for that!

Also, I totally love the blog! Love hearing about the grand adventures of the Sweet family! :-)

The Sweet Family said...

OMG, Flylady will change your life! I am super ADD and have a hard time focusing on one task at a time, so it has really made keeping a clean home simple for me. I just open up my home journal and all I need to do is right there. Love that your reading the blog..Was wondering if anyone even read it lol