Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slow Moving Monday

Hello Hello! So the Sweet family was really lazy today ( at least Isabelle and Mommy were). Luke was of course busy at school but Iz and I just relaxed inside allll day.

I had to get busy first thing and take care of some leftover phone calls from Friday and of course chat with my mom. While I was not looking, Isabelle decided to do a little painting..

This is the Nice one
This is Not so nice
So after finishing my calls, trying to clean the paint out of the carpet, and the drama of Isabelles "time out", We thought a nap would be in immediate order!

Isabelle slept all afternoon which gave me some much needed Mom time in which I chose to use by blowing off my chores and watching tv all afternoon :)  After Luke came home from school, Isabelle woke up and we all jumped in the car and went to pick up some dinner. After dinner, Isabelle had fun pretending to be a duck in the bath tub and playing Nurse Isabelle, Dr. Mommy while I folded all the laundry I ignored all day!

Isabelle's "patients" 

Reliable nurse Isabelle
She made a bed out of the pool alligator and a sheet from some tissue paper

With the laundry all folded and the patients tucked safely under the dinging table, it was time for both Nurse Isabelle and Dr. Mommy to go to bed!

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Erica said...

good choice of playtime :) I may be a little biased hahaha. I love all your pictures, what wonderful memories you will have to look back at!