Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make up Monday

Well, we have had quite the weekend. Zoo on Friday, crazy busy on Saturday, and of course Easter Sunday! So, Monday is making up for all the chores left over from the fun :) I burnt my hand while cooking this weekend so Isabelle was kind enough to give me one of her band aides..Wolverine! 

Mondays Luke does not have class until 1230 so they are always one of our favorite days! Since we missed Sweet Family Pancake Sunday because of Easter, we made up for it today!

Mommy skips the pancakes for rye toast and bacon

Isabelle loooves bacon
Shortly after we got the messed cleaned up and watched the Price is Right, Luke had to head off to school and I had to get busy with my Monday house blessing, (I have been falling behind in my flying the past week shh), and that meant finding something to occupy Isabelle for a little while.

Isabelle spent all afternoon making bird houses out of play dough, then turned it into a dino cave, and who knows what else. I then got started on dinner for the night ( chicken and noodles, mashed pot, and cresent rolls) and folding all the pool towels!

Trying to come up with a cute option for holding all my beach towels right by the door..any ideas?
Dinner was awesome, if I do say so myself! I have a tendency to not make the best mashed potato's, but tonight they were perfect and that made for a very happy hubby! I then cleaned up the kitchen for the 3rd time today and it was time for bed for Isabelle and for us. I was very tired so skipped on the blog last night and did it today ( Tuesday morning) instead. See you all again tonight with all the dets on what the Sweets did today!

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