Monday, April 4, 2011

Vampire pine cones and Surprises for Daddy

Hello Hello! Mondays are usually a day everyone dreads but in the Sweet house, Mondays can be fun days! Daddy dosent have school until noon on Monday so we all got to sleep in and have a lazy morning. Once daddy was off for the day, Isabelle and I got started crafting

During our visit to the park yesterday we found lots of pine cones and brought some home for some crafting fun. I thought it would be fun to paint the pine cones in white and blue paint for the Colts..she however found some leftover pieces from a Halloween project and instead we made.....

A Vampire Pine Cone...ooooohhhhh spooky

Proud to show of her latest creation
(we also made a few surprises for daddy..sshh)

                                         After crafts Isabelle got to have her favorite lunch..grilled cheese. I tried to get creative with her side dish by making shark fins out of cucumbers...Isabelle rolled her eyes at me and informed me that they were in fact sliced pickles :)

                               After lunch comes rest time and we were are relieved when Isabelle actually took a nap during rest!! But naps mean extra energy so we had to head outside to take care of some of it!

                                    Doing some digging in her "garden"

She always has to make sure to get a quick pic of mommy!

Playing " Hotch Scotch"

As are most days, this one was wonderful and I am sure tomorrow will be no exception!

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