Saturday, April 2, 2011

A "Sweet" day at the Zoo

As I am sure you all know, Isabelle loves, loves, loves animals and so we decided to get a year pass   for the whole family last year! We have had many fun trips to the zoo with the pass over the months and it has been money VERY well spent. Here is a look into just one of our fun filled days at the zoo!

With her safari shades on and her Diego backpack ready to go, Isabelle is all set for her first adventure of the day...following the animal tracks to the secret waterfall to find her favorite animal at the zoo....The Tiger.

We are always so excited when the Carousel is open! We have ridden the White Tiger, The Black Bear, and the winner today....The Cheetah!

Mommy and Isabelle on the Carousel at the zoo!

The "coolest" part of the day is enjoying a splash in the center fountain after all the hot Florida sun

Isabelle holding hands with her new friends she made.

It's always fun sharing Dip N Dots with Daddy!

We were so blessed to have such a nice day out as a family. It is a Saturday night, so I am sure the Sweets fun is not over yet!

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