Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Girls Trip to Fort Myers!

Hello Hello! So, Isabelle and I just got back from a quick 3 day trip to Fort Myers! My Aunt Suzan has a condo there and brought my granmda Pat, her friend Betty and my Aunt Tami down for a week so Isabelle and I joined the party for a few days! However, I was in such a rush for some Bennington girl fun, I walked off without my camera :(   I was able to snap a couple shots with my phone though so lets get started!

Since we had spent the whole day having Sweet Family Fun Day on Saturday, I of course waited until Sunday morning to get packed to go hehe. It worked out to my benefit when Isabelle passed out in the car after only a few minutes of driving :)

We made the 3 hour trip with only 1 stop and made decent time, getting there around 4 o'clock. We fired up the grill for some burgers and had a relaxing dinner out on the lanai where we passed the rest of the night with a beautiful sunset, lots of talking, and a few cocktails

We got up early the next day and of course Isabelle wanted to get to the beach ASAP but I forgot my bathing suit bottom ( I forgot a lot on this trip?!?) so we walked down to the square where I found a bottom and Isabelle found a little something for herself

New friends Maria and Bella

We headed to the beach for a while with Nan Nan ( my grandma) and Betty while the Aunties ran some errands.

Isabelle was ready to head back in the house so she took a bath and then relaxed some while waiting for the others to get back. While looking out at the ocean Isabelle asked, Why is the ocean water blue and the water in my bath rub clear? Never thought I would get those kinds of questions from my 3 year old!

We all got cleaned up and headed down the beach to "Nemo's On the Beach" for happy hour, which quickly turned into dinner once we smelled the grill! The food was great and the staff was awesome ( they ran out of fries and the waiter offered to go across the street to McD's to get Iz some!).

Isabelle and Aunt Suzan

 We headed back to the condo where my Grandma had stayed back waiting for her cousins Paul and Norma to come by.(The very first time I ever went to the beach was when I was 11 and my grandma took me to Ft Myers to visit with Paul and Norma) We visited with them all for a couple hours before they headed home and then my aunties and I decided we where going to leave the kiddo with the gmas and sneak out for a a couple cocktails! This was all fun until I got there and didnt feel so well, so I went home and to bed :(

I woke up feeling a little better today and spent the morning out on the Lanai watching a dolphin swim in the waves!!

We packed up our stuff and headed off to have one more lunch at Ruby Tuesday's before saying our goodbyes and starting off on the drive back home. We made it here in one piece, tired and somewhat cranky. We had such a great time the past few days, but it always so nice to come home!


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hi brandy~~ yea! for your aunt suzan living in fort myers! my daughter has just moved there in the last couple of weeks and she and i have both been desperately trying to find her a new home (me from central alabama via internet) and it has been really frustrating~~ seems that nice responsible realtors are pretty difficult to come by~~if you or your aunt suzan could help with this we would be forever grateful!! please contact me at imatthebeach64@yahoo.com~~~thanks so much!! cheri