Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

Luke was up and gone this morning before the sun came up. Isabelle and I went about our day a bit later. First thing on Isabelle's agenda for the day was Fort Building.

This kept Isabelle busy most of the morning and gave me a chance to catch up on some of that laundry I missed out on while in Fort Myers.

After we had both worked up an appetite in our respective activities I made us a brunch today. Isabelle calls them Egg Cupcakes.

Isabelle took her rest in Fort Sweet after lunch and actually fell asleep whoop whoop. I used this time wisely by finishing the laundry, organizing the closet, and watching several episodes of Army Wives :)

Isabelle was up soon and ready for some action. First, some Toy Story tattoos courtesy of GG and Pop Pop's package yesterday.

Then one of her ring pops!

Followed up with a large glass of "smoothie" aka milk..

Soon Luke was home and he decided to get dinner tonight, which means...Mexican!

Perfect night to eat outside

Isabelle and I shared this Carna Asada and there was still this much left!

It was delicious and the ducks must have smelled it cause they showed up right as we were finishing. We decided to walk some of our dinner off and give the ducks something to eat so we grabbed our leftover hot dog buns and hit the golf course.

The 3 stooges and the nice duck family

We headed back to the house where I noticed we have some nice new pots outside

Then it was time to put that new toothbrush to good use and go to the Fort of course :)

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