Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday was Hot Hot Hot

We were up and at it earlier this Sunday than most. Someone at Lukes school clued us in to an Easter egg hunt going on at South Olive Park today so we all got cleaned up and got our egg picking basket ready to go. 

I snapped a few shots while Iz and I were getting ready. Her hair is getting so long and has tons of blonde highlights...

After we were ready to go Isabelle and I realized we matched!

We made it to the park and Isabelle immediately spotted the 2 bounce houses..her new favorite thing

Unfortunately, we learned upon arriving that we had missed the actual egg hunt for Isabelle's age group :( but a very nice lady and a couple of Isabelle's friends gave her some of their eggs!

And after all, all she really wanted to do was bounce!!

After all of that bouncing, we headed over to get some free cotton candy and popcorn! We also stopped to chat with some friends.

Even though the Easter fair also had balloon animals and face painting, Isabelle had a one track mind and it was to PLAY..

To all you cold weather dwellers, this is the part where you plug your ears...It was HOT today! It was only around noon at this time but was already hot, hot, hot so we said bye to our friends at the park and took a nice air conditioned drive past the beaches..

She loved this bunny

We have been following the building of this "house"
We were starting to get hungry so we headed back to our house. We had some lunch and relaxed inside for a little bit before Isabelle was itching to go back outside to play so we got out all the yard toys and sat up shop in the yard..

We hadnt been out long when Isabelles friend from next door showed up at the collected all the toys back up and it was off to the pool for us too :)

Just another day in paradise

Luke trying to get Isabelle to stay on the Gator so I could get her picture..haha

She swims away quick

After that failed attempt, it was time to dry off and head inside for dinner... lasagna on the lanai

Isabelle helping herself to mommys food
 So much fun and sun...We are pooped..Time for some stories and bedtime for Isabelle and and iced coffee and some NatGeo on Netflix for Us..Night all :)

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Erica said...

Florida looks like even more fun now! I love the pic of you two dressed alike. It is supposed to be 90 here in Indiana today so we are all getting the heat wave :)