Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Times Tuesday

  So, as you know I did yesterdays blog this morning. I don't want to get behind so today you get two blogs! Lucky ducks ;)

  We started off the morning by cuddling in our bed and looking through Isabelle's favorite mag...LTD lol

She has her eye on the "picture on a roll"

We got up and about our day. Me with my coffee and blogging and Isabelle with her favorite Disney Jr programs. Then it was time to FLY! April's task of the month is to make your bed, so I have been working on that. I went a head and swept, dusted, and put away a few way ward stacks of laundry...Isabelle was spending her time "helping" and pretending to wait for the school bus.

She cant wait to go to school!

When the school bus didn't show up, she moved on to painting and puzzles


Eyes glued to the TV...again
By this time we were ready for a snack and I was ready to relax so we hang out together with some popcorn!

Catching popcorn!

Mommys turn
Pretty soon Luke was home and we decided on Mexican for dinner! We finally found an awesome Mexican restaurant down here named Torero's. They have the good white dipping cheese, which is unheard of down here (along with nacho cheese sauce but lets not go there now) and to die for salsa. Tonight I got the Nachos Con Carne aka chips, cheese, chicken,green onions, and tomato :)

So cheesy 
Isabelle wanted to camp out tonight so I built her a tent in the living room while Luke and Iz read "The Healthy Wolf" for like the 6th night straight.

She is all set for bed and Luke and I are settling in for a night of National Geographic shows via Netflix but we'll sneek one more pic of Iz in here tent


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