Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Can't Rain On Our Parade!

Jumping In!

 Isabelle and I had big plans to spend the whole day at the pool today! However, there was a storm coming in so we only got to  swim for an hour or so.
Yucky Storm

 Here is a shot of the storm that tried to ruin our day....but we wont have any of that :)

I love goldfish

We got dried off and then headed back into the house to have a snack ( yummy baby goldfish) watch the storm, and some cartoons. After this Isabelle layed down for rest and I had my fingers crossed that she would nap for me today!

All I need for Ohaha
 Luke came home from school and went into her room to check on her. She was not napping. She was packing her suitcase." Where are you going?, he asked her. " I am going to Ohaha." she said. "where is Ohaha?", " Daddddy, its where Jany Jany lives! Oohhhhh, you mean Omaha! Yes! Ohaha!

Since Isabelle was obviously not going to take a nap and the rain had passed we decided to go out back to look for ducks. Below, is a shot of the back of our condo. We live on the second floor. We would love to have a yard all our own, but we are lucky our unit is by the pool and we have this nice area to hang out and play.

After we were sure that those two ducks were full, we went off in search of more ducks to feed. Isabelle got hungry along the way and decided the ducks could share some with her :)

                   We found another one!! We love how they all look different!

Just over the hill we found a whole party of ducks..there were some many different kinds. The big black one was sorta scary so we didnt stick around too long.

Of course no trip outside after a big rain is complete without splashing in a muddle puddle or two...

After all that splashing a bath was in order for Miss. Isabelle and it was time for me to get dinner started. The yucky day had made me ignore dinner plans and the stack of folded laundry on the kitchen table so I made it a quickie of fish sticks, mac and cheese, and my Belley's fav. corn on the cob and we ate it on the rain cooled lanai!


Isabelle loves to get involved in taking pictures with me and this is the photo of hers I have chosen to share today

After dinner Isabelle had herself some play dough time and then it was time for her and daddy to read a couple stories....Now she is tucked in nice and tight and then I am going to get my cat fight fix with my favorite obsession Real Housewives!! Then its off to bed for me because every tomorrow is a big day!

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