Monday, April 4, 2011

Wow what a weekend!

Hey everyone! We have had such a busy weekend! After the zoo on Saturday ( posted below) we had our good friend Jodi over for a little adult time one the patio. As always we had a little too much fun so Jodi had a sleepover at our house! Since I was not feeling so hot on Sunday morning ( which is our usual Sweet Family Pancake Sunday) we just relaxed and decided to let Olive Garden feed us  but not before Isabelle treated us to a runway show where she modeled her new bathing suit!

And no photo session is complete until Isabelle gets a hold of the camera to snap a few shots of mom!

After we had stuffed ourselves full of salad, bread sticks and pasta it was time to say goodbye to Jodi and head home for a little rest..zzzzzzzzzz

After we were all refreshed we jumped in the car and headed to Okeeheelee Park to meet up with The Axtel family. We love going to the park and are always excited when we can find a new one to explore.

Isabelle had a great time playing in the sand with her friend Dylan and a few new friends too!

                                      Always the artist, Isabelle found some chalk and was loving life!

No trip to the park would be complete without a footrace with friends...Dylan wins!

Although our Isabelle is super brave she generally is not a fan of the swings, however today she was willing to give it a shot but only when Daddy was the pusher!

We slide, ran, scooted, sanded, bridged, swang, threw, kicked, jumped and even skinned a knee! After all this excitement with the sun going down we headed to the car and before we had reached the interstate Isabelle was as usual asleep in the car.

With the excitement of the weekend over today is Monday and back to reality. Luke is off to school today and Modays for Mom mean " weekly home blessings" a nice way of saying CHORES!
I will be a FlyGirl yet...Love it

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