Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Amazingly Good Friday!

So, before I go on about our amazingly good Friday, I just want to say Happy Earth Day! I still, to this day, remember the lines from a school program we had for it back in like the 3rd grade!

Anywho, Luke had the day off for good Friday so we got up first thing this morning and packed up to go to Miami for the day to the Miami Metro Zoo! Isabelle and I were ready before daddy as usual so we had a little photo shoot..

Isabelle and her frog arm

Funny faces

Before we knew it, Luke was done, and we were out the door, but not before one more silly face..

We made it to Miami right in the middle of lunch time, but luckily found an awesome parking spot. We headed in, where Isabelle patiently waited in line..

Now, we have been to this zoo before. Our main reason for coming last time was to meet Diego! However, the Miami Metro Zoo is HUGE and by huge I dont really mean they have a lot, but the size of the zoo is insane. They have these awesome bike/safari wagons you can drive around. We made the mistake of thinking we didnt need one last time and spent so much time walking that we not only missed Diego but didnt get to see an entire side of the zoo. We didnt make that mistake this time!

We got the last one!!

So after we got our bike, took a potty break,  mapped out our route, and we were off! First stop on our journey was one of Isabelle's favorites The Bengal Tiger..

Taking a dip

We waved goodbye to our friend and road off to see what was next. Isabelle found some cool things to climb on and then we headed inside to the Poop exhibit...Yes, I said Poop exhibit.

Isabelle never turns away a chance to read a book

After all that poop talk, we went back outside to explore the Asian Bird Aviary, where I went from reading about poop to worrying about being pooped on.... 

Little baby bird

Throwing money in the funnel well

These fish were being chased by a duck you was diving and swimming underwater after them

I had enough birds for one day so we moved on to more fun and exciting things! 

Climbing more stuff

By: Isabelle C. Sweet

By: Isabelle C. Sweet

By: Isabelle C. Sweet

This monkey was walking on the rope with no hands

Two little monkeys

Isabelle is always one of two things..hungry..or bored ( just like her uncle jake). This time it was food on the mind, so we parked the ride and headed into the Childrens Zoo area where we had some lunch. One thing I liked about this zoo is they serve beer! Now, Im not some crazy alcoholic who needs beer to have fun, but when you are surrounded by children who mostly arent you own...Its nice to have around ;) While in the childrens area Isabelle dug for Dino bones, checked out the Meercats, and of course climbed something else!

Isabelle loves dinosaurs

He came up and scratched in the glass

This rock is waaay higher than it looks...making me nervous

We were having so much fun that we started to get pressed on time to make it to meet Diego! Luckily this time we had our safari car so we hightailed it to the Amazon and Beyond exhibit to finally meet Isabelle's best friend Diego!

She was beyond excited

She had her day made today! Diego gave her a big hug and she told him all about her turtle. She brought home her picture and put it straight in a frame! As if this wasnt enough fun, we werent done yet!

We finally made it to the end of our journey! We turned in our bikes and stopped off for a quick Icee before heading out to the car and to the drive back home.

Isabelle's "smovie" 

It was no time before Isabelle was quickly in car mode..

Cherry face and all :)

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