Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wow..I have been very busy the past few days! Luke has been busy as usual ( he is in his final push of the semester) and Isabelle is of course always busy busy. Tuesday morning I started off with a little catch up blogging. I finished it just in time to hear Isabelle yelling for help from the kitchen..

Someone was antsy for a snack and got herself trapped on the counter..

The rest of the afternoon and some of the evening was spent on 2 things...Thing number one...

I would post a picture of Isabelle and I doing this, but I would never be able to show my face in public again haha. This is a motion game where you do all the famous dance moves from Michael Jacksons songs and videos..very fun..very addicting...Thing number 2 was starting on moving all of Isabelle's toys into the larger bedroom and making the 3rd room for SLEEPING ONLY.

The toys only room in progress
This was quite an undertaking and I was not able to get it all finished last night but I was able to enjoy a nice bowl of my new favorite soup from Carrabas before settling in for the night..

I woke up this morning soo stiff and sore. Some I'm sure is from the moving around of rooms but I think it is mostly from dancing like MJ lol. Every single muscle in my body is sore somehow. Defiantly a great work out! 

I got myself motivated this morning with some liquid energy aka Dunkin Donuts Coffee in Cinnamon Spice, which I love love love!! Isabelle watched some cartoons and I watched some Army Wives, then it was time to go back to yesterdays task of switching out rooms. Luke came home with lunch and we all took a little break for a while. Luke then took Isabelle with him on a much needed trip to the store while I was able to finish my job in peace. Thanks hubs( I dont even know if he reads this haha).

The toy room is mostly complete. We are planning on painting Isabelle's bedroom soon and finishing it off with a "princess" theme so it will be fine the way it is until then. Unfortunately, I have the leftovers to deal with tomorrow...

and I will be sure to tell you all about it then :)

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